Why you should go to a Quality Training Class only?

Choosing the right training class is crucial to your success as an artist. Quality Training Class offers and maintains the highest-quality standard and never compromise the services for a cheaper price. You will be more confident to do your first eyebrow strokes on a live person demo during the training session. They provide Excellent "After Care" support to the aspiring artist. A Highly-qualified trainer will regularly reassess your work to ensure that you are doing it correctly, to achieve a well-performed results.

You may see some Trainings being offered at very low price. This may sound attractive and appealing for the first-timer who is seeking an eyebrow microblading training. You may think that you will get a fantastic deal with it, (but it's really not). However, think twice. At the end of the day, you will find out that investing in subpar education is a waste of time and money; and you will find yourself needing to spend an invest again for another round of training.
Eyebrows and lips are precious especially to the ladies. So handle it with extra care and don't mess it. Invest and go to a quality training class only, 

How do I decide?

Here are the following tips on how to select a Quality Training Center.

+ Credentials and Certification of the trainer. From which institution/s did they come from? Search for it. Years of experience is a good indicator, but if they only do a couple procedures and their styles and strokes are just the same as they started, it can be irrelevant.

+ Check the quality of the works of the trainer. Are their strokes really natura-looking? Check the healed results with before and after photos of their work. It must be a consistent and extremely natural looking results.

+ Talk to the trainer, Get to know them, do you feel comfortable?

+ Get a feedbacks from their students.

+ Packages. Check the tools and products included in the starting kit.

+ Course outline and program. This should not be a short training or a workshop. In US and Europe, the ideal duration for Basic/ Fundamental Class is 3 days or more to ensure the quality standard of Training is high.

+ How many student per batch? Aspiring artist requires full attention in every procedure, from drawing and profiling using the right tools, color mixing and applying hair strokes in practice skins before moving to live model demo. Quality will suffer if there are too many students per class.

+ Aftercare for students. Aftercare is very important to your success. A good training provider is easily accessible for their students and should be able to provide continued support and education.

+ Price. It's should be reasonable. Compare why the other is higher based from the tips mentioned above. In reality, it's seldom to find a high quality product and services at very low price. So don't compromise your feature.

Why in Anlita Beauty Center?

Our goal is to set the highest quality standard of teaching in Microblading and other Semi-Permanent Makeup training. Like any other art form, microblading takes the proper resources, mentors and, most importantly, practice to create beautiful, natural-looking brows.

For us to ensure that you will get high quality standard training with us, we limit our student into small class, maximum ten (10) students per batch only and each student will have the opportunity to work on live models. Student will get more attention and absorb every important details during the training session.

We understand that not everyone will be able to attend our scheduled training dates. We can offer those that are seeking training outside of the planned schedule Private/One on One Training with flexible dates that meet your schedule and our instructor schedule. Please inform us for Private Training if you are interested in reserving dates.

We believe that this is not a short training that is why we are not giving the Certificate of Completion right after the training. The students need to submit their works and must be approved by the trainer, But don't worry, we are here to help you. We will regularly assess your work to ensure that you are doing it correctly and achieve a well-performed results. You will leave this class confident and eager to master your craft.

But the most important is your Strokes..Strokes..and Strokes!!! This is your bread and butter as a brow artist. This is what every customer is looking for. They will check your work and see how you will make the perfect eyebrows for them. In Anlita Beauty Center, you will learn a very natural look technique that is undetectable by the human eye. We will teach you on how to do your strokes based from the feature, facial structure and personality of the person. And to achieve the best healed results, you must know how to choose and mix the right color for your clients. As a distributor of LI PIGMENTS, the most trusted pigment of Microblading experts in Europe and US. You will only learn all these things in Anlita Beauty Center. You may check the actual work of our trainer and work of our student. then compare the results with 3D or even 6D Eyebrow Microblading strokes.

Microblading is a skill that requires a lot of practice before you become a good artist and confidently charge your customer for this procedure. Your work should have consistently clean, crisp strokes and natural healed results. It is an art that cannot be rushed over a couple days of training. To ensure our students get the most out of their education we offer training techniques one step at a time

It is not enough to say that practice makes perfect. It’s must be "Best Practice Makes Perfect". Listen and learn from the expert! Choose your Training provider wisely! Choose Anlita Beauty Center and you will never go wrong. Because we guarantee that you will get the world-Class Training that you really deserve in a very reasonable price.


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