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Bubble Gum 7ml ( The Forever Color Series)

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Very bright pink color. NOTE: This color contains Titanium.
TIP: Recommended as a full lip application. Mix with Apricot to achieve a soft lip color. Add a drop of Blue Gone to achieve a warmer lip color. Use to maximize companion lip colors within the LI Pigments brands.

Forever Lips are a series of lip pigments produced from organics which are brighter, vibrant, vivid, longer lasting and made as a highly concentrated formulation. Experienced artists are reporting that due to the high concentration and bright colorants, very little touch up work is required. The Forever Lip pigments are an exclusive Li Pigments product. These specific lip pigments are allowed in the EU as safe for tattooing. All colorants used in the Forever Lip series are tested and passed the EU Resolution ResAP (2008)1. providing a high level of safety. The EU specifications require continuous testing and re-certification every 18 months of which Li Pigments abides. Forever Lips have passed all the EU Resolution's stringent testing; meeting the guidelines within the EU.