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Gray Vanish 15ml (Aqua)

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Grey Vanish (this color is in the Aqua Diverse Brow Starter Kit)

Temp : Extremely Warm

Light to Dark Value: 3

Base : Warm Yellow & Orange/Inorganic

           More golden and less Orange than Un-Gray

Suggested Use: A warm yellow-orange formulated specifically for the correction of light to medium gray and blue eyebrows to achieve a soft brown. Also for adding warmth to your light to medium colors (do not use Un-Gray in your light to medium colors..too much orange). Gray Vanish is also appropriate to add to your darker colors. Gray Vanish if having to add too much will lighten the intensity of your dark color so you may want to consider Caribbean Mod for that purpose. Remember based pigments are not suggested for red or pink skin clients.

For Philippines Customer's Only. We are not selling and shipping this product to other Country.