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Harmony Microblades 14 Curve

Harmony Microblades 14 Curve

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Point or curve with this hybrid needle set. These 14 pins deliver the perfect amount of line weight for crisp, clean strokes. Priced per box, each box comes with 10 Microblades.

Sharp and flawless. This is Tina's go to needle. The 14 Curved delivers the best of the UNeedle and also the pointed tip of the 9 Classic. The 14 Curve arrives ready for art with no assembly required.
Who is this for? The 14 Curved performs flawlessly for beginners and experts alike. It's highly versatile and great for details and fine hair strokes as well as full, thick brows. We made this tool for artists that are serious about great results and aren't willing to compromise on health and safety.
Needle Info: We make all of our needles in-house and use only surgical grade 316 stainless steel. This is the highest quality stainless steel and we use it for both the needles as well as the needle wrapper. Our needles are sharp and consistently of high quality. Each Harmony is inspected at least 3 times before it reaches any of our artists. We use 0.25mm gauge needles in the 14 Curved this ensures that the needles never bend and you will never get blurry strokes or double lines. Our needles are set at a 30 degree angle for optimal pigment application and ergonomics.
Handle Info: Our handles have a soft, cushy, non slip grip that enable you to stay comfortable and be precise. The Harmony 14 Curved also has built-in ruler so that you can ensure your work is even and symmetrical - your clients will appreciate this. Additionally, you can use the rounded end to apply pigment over your fresh strokes.
Sterilization and Packaging: Each Harmony 14 Curved comes in its own sterilized blister pack complete with lot number, manufacture date and expiration date. Our blister packs are durable ensuring that your Harmony will arrive in perfect condition. All of the 14 Curved are sterilized using EO gas. There are 10 Harmony 14 Curved per box.