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Hawaiian Punch 12ml ( The Forever Color Series)

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Temperature: Cool

Base: Red & Violet; Organic

A beautiful pink/red color with a hint of mauve.

Not for Eyeliner Use*

NOTE: This color contains titanium. 

TIP: Recommended as a full lip application. Add Blue Gone to brighten the color or Apricot to soften the hue. This color can also be used in nipple/areola procedures. Refer to the ‘Areola & Skin’ section of the CIC. 

The Forever Color Series consist of the following:

  • Highly concentrated
  • Maximum color intensity in every drop
  • Long-lasting; minimal touch-up required
  • Cream consistency
  • Unique formulation for easier skin penetration
  • Organic base pigments; pre-mixed Titanium Base & Titanium-Free colors
  • No evaporation or splatter
  • Gamma-Sterilized
  • Unique, controlled dropper tip to dispense even drops of pigment every time
  • Widely used in medical and cosmetic industry
  • Made in the USA
  • Meets all EU Resolution ResAP (2008)1 Stringent guidelines