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SICOE Tattoo

SICOE Tattoo

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Sicoe Tattoo


1.    After clening with cot swab coated with t goods in thereof eyelash repeatedly wiped 3minutes, can be painless operation eyeliner, sustain able 30 minutes, do not into the eyes.

2.   Apply this product after cleaning, apply with cotton liner( when the attention is isolated eye the eye, to prevent the flow thicknessis about 2MM) cover, ca. After 5-10 minutes, wipe tattoo eyebrow, eyeliner, lip bleaching. The tattoo deposited 40minutes, sustainable 3-5 hours does not affect the color, Can make the guess mood stable smooth operation.

The matters needing attention :

   This product is into the eyes, the bottle cap open caveat emptor, before operation strict disinfection; for professional use