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Soft FX Pigment Dilution 15ml

Soft FX Pigment Dilution 15ml

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Soft FX is a specialized solution formulated for artist who choose to dillute (and therefore lessen the concentration) of any of the colors listed on the CIC to create artistic variations of density and dimension.

Eyeliner: Create a multi-dimensional eyelash enhancement/eyeliner effect.Use full strength pigment in the lash line(eyelash enhancement procedure). To achieve a soft, smoky eyeliner (above the lash line) dilute the same color for the eyeliner. Note of caution:Carbon blacks have a much higher risk of migration.Diluting carbon black does not lessen this risk. LI recommeds only experienced artist use carbon blacks whether for strength or dilluted.

Eyebrows: Useful when the client has natural eyebrow hair and prefers a soft,powdery background as opposed to a more noticeable apperance. Dilute the eyebrow pigment to the desired concentration to create a soft powdery healed eyebrow.

Lips: To create a borderless full lip appearance;use soft FX to dilute the lip pigment to the desire concentration and tattoo the virmillion border. This technique is used when the client does not prefer a defined healed lip line.

Areola: Dilute the areola pigment to the desired concentration to create a soft powdery foundation. To add depth and dimension,layer the same pigment color, full strenght concetration, over the diluted pigment.

Soft FX Instructions:

* Always shake bottles thoroughly (30 seconds) before each use.

* Place the appropriate amount of pigment color needed into the pigment cap.

* Fil the remainder of the pigment cap with thre desired amount of Soft FX. The amount of pigment versus the amount of the Soft FX will be determined by the preferred result. The more Soft FX used the more transparent and powdery the pigment will heal.

* Blend thoroughly(30 seconds).before use.

* It is recommended to stir occasionally, especially if working slower. Dilution scale 25% As you can see on the above dilution scale, adding 25% Soft FX does not dilute your pigment enough to create a significant difference. It will however, soften and lessen the density of your pigment just a bit.

50% Adding. 50% Soft FX will reduce the solid effect by half. This dilution level will leave a nice medium powdery Result.

75% Adding. 75% Soft FX to your pigment will dilute it down so you will get a very sheer,powdery effect....super soft and sheer.